Work doesn't work in Slack

Pin is a powerful platform that allows you to finish what gets started in Slack. 

No more endless threads or back and forth messages. Bring some organisation to your organisation. 

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How Does It Work? 🤔

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    Everything Starts With A Pin 📌

    Simply add the pin emoji to any slack message and it automatically gets added to your pin app. 

    We love Slack but trying to keep on top of dozens of messages makes us dread the next notification 🔔

    Next time a request comes in put a pin in it! Pin provides the structure that Slack lacks.

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    From Words To Action In Seconds ⏱️

    Pin uses advanced AI to automtically generate a summary and identify action items. Amend, add or discard any tasks if needed. 

    Most business processes start with a vague stakeholder request, often with no clear owner. Pin knows an action item when it sees one. Use the portal to assign owners and track progress. Easy! 🍹

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    Work Faster & More Collaboratively 💪

    Collaborate and action the items in the portal. Approve requests, ask for more information or automate steps. Relevant documents can be stored ready for whoever needs them next. 

    Projects get done faster and you can spend more time on the important stuff. Like discussing which dog is the cutest in #pets 🐶

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Affordable Pricing for Everyone

  • Start Up

    For small teams
    • 300 pins
    • 10 seats
  • Team

    For medium sized teams
    • 1000 pins
    • 25 seats
  • Enterprise

    For huge companies
    • unlimited pins
    • unlimited seats

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